Bitcoin Poker Sites List​


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5.0 (213)

Wild Casino

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Bitcoin Casino

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mBit Casino

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4.9 (244)

The bitcoin cryptocurrency continues twisting day by day becoming more and more beneficial. Since the crypto casino has been integrated into casino services, bitcoin poker sites became an indispensable thing in the life of every gambler. However, searching for a decent platform to play poker may become a real issue. Follow reading this post, to find the list of the most popular and beneficial bitcoin poker sites!

How Do We Rate Bitcoin Poker Sites?

As the network is overwhelmed with sites that offer gambling and casino services, there is a need for careful sorting. Not all websites provide suitable conditions for gamers and convenient blinds and bets. So we decided to ease the life of poker lovers and novices and created a rating of the BTC poker sites. 

We always pay attention to 4 criteria to rate bitcoin poker sites:

  1. Certification & security.
  2. Platform design and interface.
  3. Customer support services.
  4. Bonuses & promotions.

Let’s reveal each criterion and explore why it is so important below!

Certification & Security

Certification & security are one of the main factors we bear in mind rating the bitcoin poker platform. Licensing and certification from world gambling authorities (line IGC or International Gambling Commission). We constantly check if the casino certification is registered in corresponding facilities to make sure that the license is verified and legal.
What’s more, the casino certification document is also proof of our client’s security. Legal casinos care about the customers’ data and are always responsible for such questions protecting it from scammers. The experience shows that licensed bitcoin poker sites propose outgoing customer support and excellent quality of other services.

Bitcoin poker sites design

The platform design is another criterion we pay attention to rating the casinos. We always recommend legal casinos with great design. The high-quality picture is very important during the poker play because it allows one to feel the atmosphere of the casino and enjoy the gambling session.
The platform design is also essential from the point of functioning. Online casinos with pleasant and catchy designs should be simple to use. Comfortable navigation is a vital criterion for BTC poker sites.

Poker is a game that requires concentration, logic, and critical thinking. With such a set of characteristics, a person can effectively deal with any complexity and intricate interface. But generally, it is better to use bitcoin poker site where everything is simple and precise. Therefore, we pay attention to such design features as:

  • Slick navigation;
  • Presence of instructions and active buttons;
  • The view of the gambling table;
  • Website speed;
  • Caching visual.

Custumer Support Services

Online casinos are very considered in questions of solving problems, however, no one is protected from recent unstable internet connection during the BTC game. Also, some gamblers might have questions about withdrawing and depositing for poker with bitcoin. That’s why customer support is so important.
It may answer a specific question, which isn’t mentioned in the FAQ and solve some problems and issues, which the player can’t solve on their own (like account blocking, etc.). There are lots of types and services of customer support. Nonetheless, the most popular still the emergency lines and support chats. The recent innovation in bitcoin poker casinos became clever telegram chatbots.

Bonuses & Promotions

The final criteria we pay attention to rating bitcoin poker sites are bonuses and promotions. As we know, this is typically used as a marketing strategy to attract new players and some casinos may have pitfalls. So, our task is to discover such elements to prevent you from playing at such and becoming a victim of scams. We are always looking for casinos with a trusted bonus system.
Promotions are important in general. Isn’t it pleasant to participate in the game for free and get winnings or waste nothing? There are 4 main types of bonuses we bear in mind making our BTC poker sites reviews:

  • The welcome or sign-up bonus is proposed once, in an instant second after registration.
  • No deposit bonus allows you to join a favorite poker table for free.
  • Bonus codes could present you with something already mentioned. All you have to do is to enter the signs into the special gap.

All promotions are precious for novices in BTC poker because you can try the game and discover the site without risks to your cryptocurrency.

6-Step Guidance: How To Start Playing Poker

Before starting to play bitcoin poker, you should become familiar with the rules of the game. Learn the basic conception of BTC poker, 10 main blends, and common strategy. Then. follow these six steps to start playing poker:
Find a trusted crypto exchange and create an account.

  • Pay attention to well-known and licensed exchangers.
  • Create an account by clicking on the “register” button and filling in the required info.

Buy crypto coins by changing your dollars on bitcoins.
Secure a crypto wallet from scanners by installing the additional password or 2-FA.
Transfer bitcoins to your crypto wallet.
Select a trusted crypto platform from our list and sign up.
To create an account click on the “register” button and fill in the email, login, and password details.
Deposit selected poker table:

  • Click on the “deposit” button.
  • Transfer the required amount of bitcoins to the mentioned address.
  • Wait for the confirmation of the transaction.

The Most Popular Poker Games

The online gambling industry is rich in classic as well as up-and-coming poker types. There is a decent plethora of poker, however, let’s discuss five main variants:

  1. Chinese bitcoin poker is the best poker type for beginners, who lack the knowledge and experience to play basic poker. It is based on the traditional poker hand rankings.
  2. 2-7 Triple Draw BTC poker is another type of poker, which will be suitable for beginners. Its conception is based on reversed hands.
  3. Seven-Card-stud poker is one of the bitcoin poker variations, that was the most popular in the USA before the Texas Hold’em Appeared.
  4. Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular poker not online in the United States of America, but in the whole world as well.
  5. Omaha, Hold’em Poker has the same rules as Texas Hold’em Poker, however, instead of 7 cards each player is given 9 cards.

How To Make Deposits And Withdrawals?

Even aces (no word for beginners) are becoming confused about financial operations in BTC poker sites. However, the procedure is much simpler than it seems. Let’s reveal how to make deposits and withdrawals below!

The Withdrawal Procedure 5-Step Guidance

Complete these 5 steps to withdraw your winnings from BTC poker sites:

  1. Open the casino cashier.
  2. Select bitcoin digital currency.
  3. Generate the address in the wallet app.
  4. Paste in the generated address in the special gap.
  5. Make your withdrawal and get the won bitcoins in your wallet.

The Depositing 5-Step Guidance

Do these 5 steps to make a deposit and join a favorite bitcoin poker casino table:

  1. Open the gambling account and click on “cashier”.
  2. Then, call on the deposit button and choose bitcoin as a method for making a deposit.
  3. After you got a special address, you need to the wallet and paste it.
  4. Send the required sum of dollars to the pasted address.
  5. Wait for confirmation of the successful transaction and join your favorite BTC poker table.

Top Way to Succeed With Bitcoin Poker

If you want to start your journey in poker with bitcoin, you probably are informed about this cryptocurrency and its advantages. It provides anonymity, fast deposits, and withdrawals. That’s why it is an excellent option for you to use for depositing on BTC poker casinos. For those of you who are new to poker, this detailed guide will be beneficial.

  1. The first step is to purchase some coins. To do this, you should open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. There are various services, such as Binance or BitGo. You should follow registration and verification of your personality to access the cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. The next point is to buy current crypto coins. You should research the most relevant options, as there is an extensive choice of them. The most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin, etc. Choose one or more of them and purchase for fiat currency in your region.
  3. You should obtain a crypto-wallet for storage. It has a similar storage system as a regular virtual wallet like PayPal. You also should pick the appropriate option which matches your mobile operating system.
  4. Now transfer your coins from the exchange to the wallet. It is easy to do, but still, be attentive to this process. Choose the correct amount of crypto you want to send and pass the current wallet address.
  5. Now that you are a crypto wallet owner, it’s time to sign in to the reputable BTC poker site. You may select one of them from our list. Don’t forget to choose a poker room that accepts cryptocurrency. Follow all registration instructions, including authentication and, if necessary, identity verification.
  6. The last step is to transfer your bitcoins to your poker casino account. To do this, find the cashier and choose the correct deposit. Admit the sum you want to deposit. Then copy the address of your poker room and add it to your crypto-wallet. Press the “Send” button and wait for the confirmation of the transaction.

These are the fundamental steps to begin playing bitcoin poker. If you already have a crypto wallet, just register in a poker room and make the deposit.

You’re Losing Money by Not Using Bitcoin Poker Sites

Bitcoin is in upheaval in the finance world. Among its many advantages are its decentralization, low level of control, as well as its anonymity, and fast transaction times. Cryptocurrency profoundly inserts into everyday life. People use it to pay for goods and services and provide business.
Bitcoin expands its influence to many spheres, and gambling isn’t an exception. Now you can bet with bitcoin, play poker, slots. We are one of those who help you to select the best platform for your games, as we regularly review and check BTC poker sites.


Do All Poker Sites Accept Bitcoin?

No, they don’t. 50% of all poker casinos accept bitcoin as a payment method. Nonetheless, in our list, you will find the best Bitcoin poker sites with instant financial operations.

Is Gambling At Crypto Poker Sites Safe?

Yes, it is. Thanks to blockchain technology, it’s secured and you don’t have to worry about data breaches. What’s more, you can secure your account in addition and play anonymously.

Can I Deposit

Bitcoins On Poker Sites Using Smartphone?

Yes, you can. Most crypto consumers prefer to use mobile wallets and find them much more useful. Rainbow and Exodus are decent crypto casinos.

Are There Any Commissions For Withdrawing Any Funds?

No, there isn’t. Traditionally, BTC poker sites don’t make commissions on withdrawals. However, it depends on the casino. Some items may have minimal fees on transfers.

Are BTC Poker Sites Reliable?

Yes, they are. The Bitcoin poker casinos are one of the most secure in the gambling industry. Thanks to blockchain technology you don’t have to worry about a possible leak of data.